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Hospitalisation kennels

Synthetic hospitalisation kennels with stainless steel doors

Durable quality framework, heavy duty stainless steel doors which don't rattle.

  • Available in following sizes:
  • Size 1
  • Large: box outer size 130cm wide, 80,0cm high and 72cm deep
  • Medium 1: box outer size 97,5cm wide, 80,0cm high and 72cm deep
  • Medium 2: Box outer size  97,5 cm wide, 65cm high and 65cm deep
  • Small: Box outer size 65,0cm wide, 65,0cm high and 65,0 cm deep

  • Size 2
  • Large:  big box outer size140cm wide, 82.5cm high and 73cm deep
  • Medium: box outer size 70 cm wide, 74cm high and 73cm deep
  • Small: box outer size 46.5cm wide, 50.8cm high and 73 cm deep.

  • The inside is produced of synthetic material GFK and is seamlessly produced out of one piece. The corners inside are rounded so very easy to clean.
  • The doors are made from stainless steel, and can be operated with one hand.
  • Can be combined as: 1,2 or 3 storeys (mutually alternating)
  • Can be provided with heating inside

  • Patient card holders
  • Cup holders for medication
  • Drip stand
  • Red-lamp holder
  • Grids
  • Anti-skid mats