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X-Line V-Top operation scissortable

The X-Line Scissor tables are a range of tables which can put to a very low position. In this way a medium big dog can step on the table. The X-Line comes in 2 models, the X-Line white with a white metal frame or the X-Line stainless steel which is made completely of stainless steel.


The surgery table for Vets !!!

The X-Line scissor V-top operating table is a very versitile table which has been developed especially for operating. The topdesk is split into 2 parts which can be adjusted seperately into a V position.


  • Provided with a stainless steel tiltable surgery worktop -  130x2x25cm, seperated in 2 parts which can be adjusted seperately into a V position
  • Easy to clean and hygienic to use
  • Electric or hydraulic 
  • Adjustable in height from 30cm to 105cm. 
  • Supplied with adjustable legs, or can be provided on locking castors. 
  • Weight capacity: 100 kg
  • Frame X-line white: metal frame, sand cleaned and powde rcoated for an optimal quality.
  • Frame X-Line stainless steel: completely made of stainless steel
  • Monorails provided on both side of the table for fixation from accessories.
  • Available in the following versions:
    • 1700-E   X-Line white V-top -              Electric motor 230v/50Hz
    • 1700-H   X-Line white V-top -              Hydraulic footpump
    • 1700-EB X-Line white V-top-               Electric motor 12V on Linak battery system
    • 1600-E   X-Line stainless steel V-top   Electric motor 230v/50Hz
    • 1600-H   X-Line stainless steel V-top   Hydraulic footpump
    • 1600-EB X-line stainless steel V-top    Elektric motor 12v on Linak battery system

 Optional accessories:


                              Dental extension                   stainless steel bucket              drip poles                      fixation clips


   castors set steel                      castors set plastic                   cable protection              rubbermat


  battery system Linak